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Runa Kaladan

Runa was born in Kaladan kennel (Poland) as a daughter of actively hunting Akceptacja Misialinka and Free Minds Cezar. She arrived in November 2004 after an exhausting trip to Lithuania where we met the breeders. Together with Runa, her brother Rob Roy came to live in Estonia as well. We could see Runa`s temperament already on the trip when she was tearing her brother from ears and didn`t let him sleep at all. As she was our first Gordon, her main task was to teach us what it means to have a Gordon setter and we must admit that she was good at her job - after a while we started to think about taking a companion to her.

From a crazy young girl she has turned into a gentle and reasonable lady who always wants to be with her family, talks to us a lot and whose favorite activities are working through "her field" to find birds and climbing on objects (the higher the better) like a stack of wood or a pile of straw bales.