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Lesley - the long waited and carefully chosen mate arrived late at night on the Dec. 21, 2007 at the age of 10 weeks. He was born in the kennel From Fire`Sons Garden (Netherlands) as a son of two UK import dogs Boyers Shillow and Liric Interwoven. His older brother and sister Furgy and Franny are also living in the same kennel.

From the very beginning Lesley caught our eye as a very reasonable and thoughtful young fellow. By now he has become a great friend to all of us but it is the most fascinating to observe the rituals and affection of the two dogs.

And if one wishes to put these brains and beauty into numbers then by 18mo of age he is EST J CH, LV JCH, LT JCH and has gained 2x "very good" mark in unofficial obedience competitions.